Getting in the mummy groove or getting out of the mummy rut?

I’m starting to really enjoy maternity leave. Three-month-old babies are sociable, cuddly, delightful, and mostly over the crying stage. I’ve gained some confidence and experience and am now able to go with the flow a lot more. My baby brings me so much pleasure every day and even though being a mum can be very hard work and the nights are still challenging, I’m beginning to enjoy so much more of it.

I finished working on a thesis just before I went on maternity leave. I was thirty-four weeks pregnant when I submitted it for examination. The examiner’s comments have come back and as expected I will have to trawl through my thesis and make the changes that they want done. As I contemplated this daunting task, a huge part of me just didn’t want to give up my time with my baby. Am I getting into the mummy groove finally, or am I stuck in a mummy rut? What do you think?

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