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When I started writing posts on this blog I was a little bit uptight. I wanted to impart my medical knowledge to the world. It’s changed now so you might notice a few distinct flavours in the posts. Now I want to blog because I need to write well, for a few reasons. One is that I adore the written word, I have done so since I learned to read, and I have always wanted to be a writer. Parental concern and the misfortune of being a high achiever led me to choose medicine as a career instead. Secondly, I am submitting submitted a PhD thesis in 4-6 years fourteen months’ time 2016. A lot of writing went into the thesis and this blog was a way of me getting words down consistently and frequently.

I became a parent in 2010 and this changed my life. I started to tentatively write about being a mother, especially a working mother, and this has become my outlet, as well as seemingly helpful to many other mothers.

As I progress through this amazing and frustrating and humbling journey called life, I have other moments of epiphany, and also many many struggles. I write honestly about these struggles, because I know life can be hard, and I don’t want anyone to think that I have it all together. Perhaps through my honesty, you too can learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and breathe.

I’ve learned so much through blogging, and I hope these help you. Thank you for reading! You can email me at drcarolynee@gmail.com. I love hearing from my readers.


Disclaimer: Sure, I’m a GP and I do offer health “advice”, but this is of a general nature. It is not intended to replace a consultation with your own doctor. Having a one-on-one consultation is completely different from reading a few lines on a blog by a GP who does this in her “spare time”. I also write about my “musings on motherhood” and my parenting journey, but I am not a parenting expert. I am, however, very happy to hear from you and your personal stories, as it’s always a great delight to hear that people are ACTUALLY READING WHAT I WRITE. Really. But please don’t substitute my ramblings for actual medical advice. x

2 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  • Hi there,

    Firstly, you have inspired me. I loved your letter and thought it was so right but it did make me think that I would like to write a similar one for all the great dads out there that (certainly in the UK) get such a bad press. I have posted on your Facebook page with a link to it and I have referenced your blog on mine (I hope that’s ok – if you would like me to remove it please just let me know and I will do so immediately). I’d love to know your thoughts on my post.

    Kindest regards, The Cambridge Counsellor

  • love the stay at home mom/working mom letters – both so poignant and relevant
    there should be a third mother though, the one that was the majority in my community – the stay at home mom WITH an au pair or housekeeper – sometimes both.
    these women did play tennis at the club, have lunches, went shopping, had someone else doing the cooking and the cleaning, and driving the kids around
    and still were overwhelmed with how busy they were with all the volunteering they did, at the schools, at the fundraisers, hosting the husbands’ dinner parties etc, managing issues with “the help” and the “workers” that were renovation the home.
    Yes – these women still exist….

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