Carolyn is a Sydney-based GP and acupuncturist/Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who has devoted her career to finding the evidence for health and happiness. She was the first practising medical doctor in Australia to also qualify as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. She is Senior Research Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University, and the Chair of the Integrative Medicine Working Group at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Her previous work on acupuncture for menopause was published in a high-impact internal medicine journal, and her current research interests include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, and weight after breast cancer. She is Director/Program Lead at Australia’s first academic integrative healthcare centre, Western Sydney Integrative Health.


Carolyn is a sought-after speaker and mentor and is known for her passion for expanding the evidence base on integrative therapies, particularly the use of complementary therapies to assist with lifestyle changes in chronic disease; wellbeing and happiness in the workplace; and advocacy for working mothers and women in the workplace.


To contact Carolyn about media requests, speaking engagements or any other enquiries, please email


You can also connect on LinkedIn, or view Carolyn’s staff profile page at NICM Health Research Institute.



Featured in “The Good GP” – RACGP vignette

Featured in SBS Television “Medicine or Myth

Article published in “The Conversation” – Weight loss improves polycystic ovary symptoms. But don’t wait until middle age – start now.

Interviewed for Herald Sun article “Doctor’s orders”

Interviewed for RACGP News GP platform article – “Food labelling – when is a medicine not a medicine?”

How can GPs help women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?” Article in RACGP NewsGP platform

Are we unneccesarily tying ourselves in knots about CAM?” Interviewed for Medical Observer feature article

The Best of Both Worlds” : A blog post and podcast on integrative medicine for the BridgeBuilders collaboration (Australia)

Korean Broadcasting Corporation documentary on integrative medicine

Fx medicine podcast, “Benefits of Acupuncture for PCOS”

Article published in “The Conversation” –Do meds like Remifemen ease hot flushes and night sweats in menopausal women?  

Interviewed by RACGP’s Good Practice about the IM Specific Interest Network

Best Doctor’s Websites by Pacific Medical Training for professional blog

Public education seminar on Chinese Medicine: co-organiser for a two-hour public education seminar on Chinese Medicine, Campbelltown NSW, included oral presentation for 30 minutes on “What is Chinese Medicine”.

Interviewed for health website “Health a Porter” – “Looking for a family doctor? Understand if an integrative doctor is right for you

Radio interview: Queensland University of Technology news radio on supplements and safety, representing the RACGP

Article published in “The Conversation” – “A shift in social attitudes can make menopause a positive experience”

Speaking engagements 2019

National Insititute of Integrative Medicine Symposium: Panelist and Keynote Speaker

South West Sydney Local Health District Health Showcase: Workshop presenter “Building collaborations and maintaining wellbeing as a researcher”

Wellbeing tips: WSU School of Nursing and Midwifery Health and Wellbeing day

UWA Alumni Networking Event: Panellist and Graduate Mentor

Chiropractic Association National Conference: Women@CA Breakfast

WSU Health Forum “Living with Depression and Chronic Illness” – convenor

Western Sydney University Campelltown Campus International Women’s Day event: Early – Mid Career Researcher Presentations.

“Your Wellbeing Matters” – 30 minute presentation to WSU staff for World Wellbeing Week

“Women, Work and Wellness” – invited speaker to Women and Wellness Event, WSU (organized by Talent, Leadership and Development team)

Acupuncture for PCOS – invited speaker at Alexandria Day Hospital Educational Series

Acupuncture for PCOS – Australian Traditional Medicine Society webinar

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