Where I’m up to with running

It wasn’t as easy as I thought, getting back into running. Months of sleep deprivation, plus an ever-changing routine, has seen me struggle out there about once or twice a week, if lucky. Each time has been wonderful, of course.

When Star started sleeping through the night (about a month ago) and feeding just four times a day, it became a lot easier. In the past week I’ve managed to get out there four times – twice with her in the stroller! Stroller runs are actually quite enjoyable – I time them with her naps, and she’s usually out like a light as soon as I start. Lately the challenge has been the weather though. I did try to run on the treadmill one rainy day and Star lasted about ten minutes in the stroller before she got bored and started to squawk.

I’ve progressed from running 4km once or twice a week to 5-6 km four times a week, and I’m aiming to get to 10km first, before my target of 14.4 km for the Mothers Day fun run in May 2011, followed by a half marathon (22km) in August 2011. This will mean training four days a week and making it a top priority. Wish me luck!

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