The Best Medicine

The best medicine is often not medicine at all.

It is a lifestyle change. It is prevention. It is a shift in thinking. It may be a food, or herb, or non-pharmacological therapy.

I aim to bring to you the best solutions for common health problems. The solutions that are backed up by rigorous science – and this means comprehensive reviews of multiple studies. I am a researcher, and I have access to and can understand journal articles. I am also time-poor, being a working mum, so I don’t want to waste time on something that doesn’t actually work. I am sure you don’t want to, either.

To the best of my ability, these suggestions are accurate and up to date. However, I do this in my spare time. It’s not my job. So I cannot guarantee the veracity of my posts, and this section is certainly not a replacement for a chat with your own doctor. (This is my disclaimer, y’all!)

3 thoughts on “The Best Medicine”

  • Hi there. First, I want to apologize for the forthcoming lengthy email. I know how busy you are and I honestly don’t know how you’ve seemed to add a blog to your list of things to do! But, after seeing your post on FB regarding the letters, and then digging through your blog, I couldn’t help but reach out.

    I’ll try to make this brief. Try! Lol.

    I am recently 40 years old. I live in Los Angeles, (yes, far far away)! I have worked all my life, since the age of 18 and left work over a year and a half ago in order to hopefully get pregnant. Well, I’m happy to say the minute I left I did indeed get pregnant. I now have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy! As much as I love him w all that I am, I am suffering from anxiety which also leads to a bit of depression. I believe I’ve had anxiety for over 15 years but it never became somewhat dibilitating until about 2 years ago. I am currently on homeopathic meds, and have never nor will I ever take prescription meds. Totally against them! I am attempting to meditate. Def do not exercise as I am exhausted all of the time even though my baby sleeps through the night. I tried a choucroute 1 time and didn’t care for it. Maybe I just couldn’t relax enough? I need something! I feel as though I am missing out on so much joy w my son and husband. I just want to be happy, calm and at peace again! I used to fear nothing! Now I fear everything! Not sure if I’m asking for your expert advice so much as I just needed to vent to someone I feel will listen. But any advice would be much appreciated. It is such an uphill battle and it seems never ending. I am exhausted and want my life back.

    Thanks for listening. I hope to hear back. Xxx

  • Dear Anxiety,
    Have you thought about talking to a counselor who specializes in managing anxiety without pharmaceuticals? Especially since you say that the anxiety is now disrupting your life. Sometimes it helps to have a little guidance from a professional – they can often help you look at the situation from different perspectives, suggest different techniques that you might not have thought about and provide support while you find something that works for you.

  • HI,
    My baby is almost 2. After a horrifying birth of a week in the hospital a cesarean and left so angry and in pain, it took over 4 months to walk again! In all that time breastfeeding has come with aches, pain and reactive temper.
    In low tolerance as a single mom, I’ve lashed out by screaming. or breaking something. My recovery has been a challenge sine I’m rarely getting support. I’m now on long term disability and on heavy medication (which i took when I had to much chronic pain and broke down.
    I want to get off my meds, come back to me again before I go to work. I still have torn ligaments in my back and shoulders that need healing.
    I just need a new perspective on pain management and still needing to lose 65lbs of the baby belly fat I’m still carrying! It’s so embarrassing.
    What are you understanding with all this? any ideas?

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