Run 4 the Kids 15K race – April 2014

Run 4 the Kids 15K race – April 2014

Fun runs! Yeah, I used to think they were oxymorons. Until I became a semi-serious runner, and ran my first race when Star was 10 months old. Three years and another baby later, I’m ready for a repeat of the race, and then a stab at a half-marathon later in the year.

BelieveIt’s going to take a bit of training to get there, though I’m managing a 10km run at the moment – but my endurance has suffered. My training will be interrupted by a snowboarding trip to Hokkaido, Japan (woot woot!), leaving me five weeks after our return to literally get back up to speed.

The Run 4 the Kids race is a splendid course, leading runners over the magnificent Bolte Bridge in Melbourne, and through the Domain Tunnel. Proceeds from fundraising go to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, a place very dear to us as Star will go there this year for a heart procedure.

I’ve created a training program for myself based on Hal Higdon’s programs. Hal was one of the first ever writers to contribute to Runner’s World magazine and has written countless books on running. His Novice program was too easy and his Intermediate too difficult – so I’ve created a little hybrid program for myself, incorporating some speedwork into the Novice program. I’ve rejigged the days on which I run to suit my work and family schedule. On Mondays I work from home and will do my long runs. Tuesdays are a rest day, Wednesdays are a day for a 5K run and strength training. I will alternate cross-training (swimming, walking to work or a pram walk/run) and yoga/pilates on Thursdays and Fridays depending on whether or not I have the kids on the Thursday or go to work. (My schedule changes every week). Saturdays is speedwork day – either a tempo run (run faster in the middle of the run) or sprints (ouch!) Sundays is another cross-training day. Rinse and repeat, just with different times, and mileages. I’ll be posting my progress as I go along, so watch this space and enjoy the journey! You can check out my Jutsu (action plan) which details my training program, and feel free to create a Jutsu of your own (A plug for hubby’s fantastic new website and app!)

Today was my 5K run and strength (ok I’m yet to do the strength bit). I’m just back from a ten day trip away during which I didn’t run at all but I went for long walks twice a week and did HIIT workouts every day. It was a good re-introduction to running. I’m energised and looking forward to the next ten weeks!

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