Here’s a cracker of a workout to get you through Christmas!

imageSome of you have expressed dismay at my public service announcement about Christmas lunch. Fear not, fellow merrymakers! You don’t need to do much to burn off that extra piece of trifle. How about twenty five minutes today and twenty five tomorrow? In the comfort of your own homes? That means you can have the trifle AND the pav and be back to square one!

I’m a huge fan of the Fit Mum aka Colette McShane, and I know lots of you are too. I love her workouts, which are tough, challenging, and keep me interested. You will have already read what I think about HIIT, how it might be more effective than continuous moderate intensity exercise and how it works to burn calories long after you’ve finished your last pushup. Colette’s workouts do not require any equipment, burn around 200-300 calories and are actually really fun! I love her Fitmum 300, Spartan 500 and the latest, the Xmas day workout. Which I’ve just completed. Pass the pavlova, please! So there you go, train hard and enjoy yourself tomorrow :)


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