Getting back to running after pregnancy, week 5

So much for waiting until 12 weeks – I went for a run yesterday. And today. That’s naughty of me, as I haven’t checked with my doctor yet. But I’m a doctor, and hell I’m also now a mum of two. That’s upped the ante, and I have to be even more efficient than before. So when I felt strong and walking started to feel dead slow, I ran for a while, then walked, then ran for a bit more… I felt wonderful. Strong, confident, resilient, triumphant. Proud. I had no adverse effects from my short run yesterday so I ran again today. Again, stopping whenever I felt like I needed to.

Owl still isn’t sleeping any better (surprise surprise, he’s only a month old) but I am. And I feel wonderful. Contemplating that half marathon in October this year – in seven months time. Watch this space.

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