Getting back to running after pregnancy, week 4

I have a confession to make. I didn’t run much in my second pregnancy. The first time around, I prided myself on being able to run right up til 28 weeks. Not so this time! I was heavier and showed much earlier (at nine weeks). I ran about 6 times, perhaps 8. Fatigue followed me right up til 20 weeks. I just didn’t feel right when I ran.

Amazingly, my energy levels are so much higher now even though my sleep is broken. But because I had another Caesarian section, I’ve got to wait until around 12 weeks for my first run.

I started doing Kegels and abdominal exercises a few days after Owl was born. On day 6 I took my daughter to her daycare centre – about 400m away. It was a somewhat ginger and slow experience, but since then, short walks around the block have been easy, and today (3 weeks) I went for a longer walk.

I was delighted to find that I’m doing exactly what’s recommended in this Runner’s World Guide to getting back to running after pregnancy. This week, I’m to keep walking and add some strength training (planks). Next week, cross-training and more strength training. Hopefully Owl will keep sleeping at night and allow me to focus on getting back to running. My goal: a Half marathon by July 2014.

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