Getting back into running after pregnancy, week um, 7?

It’s been hot so I’ve been doing treadmill runs, and Owl has been unsettled so I hop on the treadmill for 20 minutes, run like mad and then rush back home. Five 2.5-3km runs in a week and I started getting a bit of back pain and yeah, left buttock pain. Ouch. Something about those ligaments being more stretchy and all (though it doesn’t feel that way – I feel quite stiff).

However, energy and wellbeing are great, and I’m slowly chipping away at those last 2-3 kg of extra love. This week I’ve been finally able to put Owl in my favourite piece of gym equipment, the Baby Bjorn carrier, and go for some long walks. Best way to get those transverse abdominus muscles back into gear. Back is better, and I’m all fired up for a long run in the park tomorrow, Owl willing! Speaking of the devil…!

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