Almost Paleo Kahlua and chocolate truffles

Almost Paleo Kahlua and chocolate truffles

photo 2So it’s almost Christmas, apparently, and I always feel the need to give small presents to my work colleagues and supervisors, and somehow I feel the need for these to be home made. Yeah that’s right, I am insane! So at 10:30pm last night I threw together whatever I had in the cupboards and made these gorgeous little “almost paleo” truffles, which I modified from Jo Whitton’s popular Quirky Eating blog. Jo’s recipe for Raw Cacao Treat balls is sugar free, but I felt like adding some (sugar-laden) chocolate to my truffles, so that’s why they’re not strictly Paleo… but they do pack a good punch of protein, so they’re kind of healthy! I added Kahlua just because I could…


90g dark cooking chocolate (Would have loved to have added “real” dark chocolate!)

90g pitted dates

180g almond meal/almonds

3 tbsp tahini

splash of maple syrup

teaspoon of vanilla essence

100g Kahlua (or whatever tipple you fancy – rum, Baileys, Cointreau…)

40g cocoa powder (Jo uses cacao)


Throw everything into your Thermomix, or food processor, whichever you possess in your kitchen. (Yes I do have a Thermie and I love it – that’s a whole blog post in itself!) This is what it looks like half way through the blending – I blended on speed 9 for 40 seconds then had to scrape down and do another 30 seconds… Just blend until it’s nice and smooth :)

photo 4Then roll into balls, put in fridge and enjoy the extra Kahlua/rum because you’ve been a good girl/boy…

photo 3
Did I mention I love my Thermie?

The next morning, package up your little treats… I love these little gift bags from Ikea.

photo 1Too easy! Merry Christmas everyone! :)


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