The big move

Star slept in her own room last night. She had been in her bassinet next to our bed since she was about 6 weeks old. Prior to that she often slept (or didn’t sleep) out in the loungeroom with one of us doing “night shift”.

During our prebedtime routine she was a little unsettled and kept looking around an awful lot. When she finally got tired she had a big cry but settled down once we read her favourite bedtime story. She was exhausted and went down without a struggle.

Our room seemed so empty and quiet. I must confess I didn’t sleep very well to start off with and it didn’t improve as she proceeded to wake every 1.5-2 hrs, not really wanting a feed but needing some attention. Once she cried out loudly in her sleep but was sound asleep when I checked on her.

It must be a big transition for a little baby to sleep in a brand new room all by herself, though I am not sure if she actually knows I am not there at night. Hopefully tonight is a better night. She could have been practising in her sleep as well, because today she suddenly mastered reaching out and grabbing toys while on her tummy.

I think it might take us BOTH a little time to adjust. I was amazed at how much I missed her presence in the room, even though it had started to interfere with my sleep as she can be quite a restless sleeper. But I missed hearing her breathe next to me and even the tossing and turning and the little cries. Just as well we got to spend lots of time together last night.

Pinky McKay’s “Sleeping Like a Baby”

I go back and re-read this book any time I’m starting to doubt what I’m doing with my baby’s sleep. Pinky is a lactation consultant and somewhat of a baby sleep and parenting guru. She has written a wonderful book on gentle and nurturing ways of helping your baby sleep. She explains the science of infant sleep, your child’s development, how to develop sleep associations and how to help soothe your baby to sleep. I found her book both informative and reassuring. I would highly recommend it to all parents who are struggling with their child’s sleep, especially those (like me) who become riddled with self-doubt and confusion. Read it to regain your confidence and reconnect with your baby.