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Carolyn Ee PhotoHow should I describe myself? In terms of occupation, training, social roles? What I like to do? What I believe in? The nature of identity is something I have been grappling with since I had my daughter Star in 2010 and the world as I knew it imploded. Am I the sum of my parts? Who am I? I love being a geek. I am a practising medical doctor (should I say this first up? or last? or not at all?) but the geek side of me (the love of ongoing learning, of tapping away on a laptop) has led me on a journey that included another degree, in Chinese medicine, then a Masters by Research, a PhD on acupuncture for menopause and now a thriving post-doctoral career that can only be desired as a “PhD on steroids”. I am a mum to a gorgeous little girl, a beautiful boy and wife to a wonderful husband. I love to read. Travel makes me happy. Running keeps me sane. I enjoy cooking because it puts me in touch with nature – raw ingredients – in an otherwise urban jungle. I love walking in the park on a sunny day, the sound of crashing waves, the peacefulness of lying still at the end of the day. I am passionate about health, fitness and happiness.  I constantly grapple with balancing “work”, “life” and being a mother and I am walking with all my patients on this journey to continually navigate the ups and downs of life. Being a mother has taught me humility, compassion, and gratitude. I imagine this view of myself will shift and change over the years so watch this space.


Dr Carolyn Ee

PS. I love to hear from my readers. Feel free to post comments, or write to me at drcarolynee@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t provide medical advice over email, but I might be able to point you in the right direction. And a friendly letter makes my day 🙂

I love walking in the park on a sunny day

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